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Whether you are installing a new LPG tank or looking to switch LPG supplier, we aim to help you get the very best LPG deal possible. 

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  • LPG produces lower carbon emissions than oil and solid fuels such as coal
  • LPG is easy to control and easier to manage
  • More stable prices, with fixed pricing for extended periods.
  • LPG from AvantiGas works well alongside renewable solutions, without loss of power
  • More secure – LPG is virtually impossible to steal
  • Top chefs recommend gas hobs for more controllable heat
  • A safe, dependable fuel that comes from a local depot near you

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Switching LPG Myth Busters...

It costs a lot of money to switch my LPG supplier? FALSE

It’s completely free to switch. Plus, by switching to AvantiGas LPG you could save up to £420 per year, based on average consumption.

*Based on an average consumption


I will need a new LPG tank? FALSE

We liaise with your current LPG supplier to purchase your existing tank from them, so it doesn’t need to be replaced.

There will be disruption to my LPG supply? FALSE

Once you’ve switched to AvantiGas LPG, we’ll oversee a smooth process that ensures no disruption to your LPG supply.

Its a lot of hassle to switch LPG supplier? FALSE

We handle all the arrangements directly with your current supplier, ensuring a simple and easy process from start to finish.


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“We are very happy with the service, efficiency and consistent gas prices compared to our previous suppliers.”
Mr & Mrs Edwards, Colwyn Bay