Out here we also need the green transition


Renewable Liquid Gas

Leaving no one behind on the path to a greener future

The green transition is sweeping across our societies, and we are already reaping the benefits of our efforts to support this transition. But there is still a long way to go until all parts of our communities are onboard the green transition.

At AvantiGas we are committed in supporting the change in our industry to help our customers in the transition for a carbon-neutral future. We know the challenges in balancing green ambitions with the immediate energy needs of the communities we support.  We know that we need to keep businesses running while we create greener solutions of tomorrow for the areas that are not easily converted. This is the hard part. The tough transition. We work towards supplying our societies with the green solutions of the future – also where mains gas is not available.

That is our commitment. We leave no one behind on the path to a greener future.

Traditional LPG (liquified petroleum gas) is produced during natural gas processing or oil refining. LPG is a lower carbon alternative to oil and gas for businesses and emits far less CO2 than both coal and oil. Now we are ready to take the next step towards a carbon-neutral future.

In AvantiGas we take pride in the fact that our customers are expecting us to provide them with green alternatives in the future. We have taken the responsibility for developing and producing renewable liquid gas. Renewable liquid gas can be a by-product of biofuel, for example created from food waste and other fossil-free fuels and is one step of many in our journey towards a carbon-neutral future.


Ambitions for a fossil free future

AvantiGas are part of UGI International. Together, our ambition is to reduce the carbon footprint of our energy products by 50 percent from our current (2020) levels of emissions by 2030. At the same time, we are setting the foundations for a 100 percent carbon-neutral future, by 2050 at the latest.

"We have a responsibility to our customers and to help them in the green transition. Therefore, we are proud to be a part of UGI International that is investing substantially in renewable liquid gas and in the green solutions of tomorrow."

Flemming Hermansen, Sales Director - AvantiGas


At AvantiGas we aim to be your go-to partner, supplying renewable fuels and offering you greener energy alternatives. We are committed to serving your existing needs while supporting an incremental transition towards a carbon-neutral future.

Read more about renewable liquid gas and other sustainable energy sources that play a part in AvantiGas' plan for phasing out fossil fuels.


A Sustainable Future

By 2030 we aim to reduce the carbon footprint of our energy products by 50 percent from our current levels of emissions*

This will set the foundation for a 100% renewable future by 2050, read about our sustainable roadmap below.   


An Affordable Future

As renewable liquid gases will utilise the exiting traditional LPG distribution and supply chain, limited investment is required for a sustainable future.​

Renewable liquid gases will be affordable and readily available. Our long-term goal is to offer our customers a carbon neutral to the LPG they currently use, as well as offer renewable lower carbon alternative to companies that are supplied by higher carbon energy sources.


A Convenient Future

Renewable liquid gas is a drop in solution. Existing boilers and infrastructure can be reused, avoiding disruption and costly new investments.  

It is also possible to blend renewable liquid gases with conventional LPG, allowing a smooth transition to decarbonising homes and businesses across the UK and Europe.


What is the boiler phase out and why is this happening?

As part of the government’s commitment to Net Zero by 2050, plans have been outlined to phase out the usage of some high-carbon, fossil fuel heating systems for domestic households in the UK. This has included the discussions of topics such as a gas boiler ban.

The government have outlined a boiler ‘phase out’, which will only apply to new homes built after 2026.

This means that if you are building a brand-new home from the year 2026 onwards, then you must use an alternative heating system.

This legislation will not affect any homes currently using an LPG boiler.

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