We firmly believe that managing your energy should be straightforward, no matter how many sites or meters your business has. To do that we start from the source, by making our energy products as simple and flexible as possible. Whichever one you choose, you can be sure of a business gas plan that makes perfect sense. Never complex, and always competitive.


Total transparency and zero effort - you know where you are with a fixed term business gas plan. Ours can be fixed for 1,2 or 3 years, and are designed to help you plan ahead and budget for the future. You'll be set a fixed commodity cost, along with an agreed kilowatt-hour standing charge based on the amount of gas you use.


Looking for extra flexibility? Then a variable business gas plan could be for you. This product allows you to benefit from an agreed industry index for your gas costs, which could prove more cost effective depending on your circumstances.


If you’re an existing AvantiGas customer whose current pricing contract has come to an end, but you still want to stay with us, then we’ll place you on our tariff rate. This may be a slightly higher rate than before, reflecting the additional cost to keep you supplied, although if you’re happy with the flexibility of this product you don’t need to do anything to renew or swap to another product.


If you’ve just moved into premises that we supply gas to, or are yet to agree a contract with us, then you’ll be placed onto a ‘deemed contract’ rate. We know you’re busy and we don’t want you on deemed for long, which is why we offer the lowest deemed rates in the market. Our fixed and variable business gas plans are simple, convenient and guaranteed to be competitive, so get in touch today to secure a better deal for your business.


Choose to pay by Direct Debit

The most straightforward way to pay for your business gas is by Direct Debit. It takes no effort to manage once it’s set up, meaning you can spend more time doing what’s important – running your business.




See our Standard Terms and Conditions

We’re all about being open and honest with our customers and partners, which is why we’ve made our Terms and Conditions easily-accessible and simple to follow, to keep you completely up-to-speed with how we do things.

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