Why Trump Turnberry relies on AvantiGas LPG as the US President heads to Scotland

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The Trump Turnberry Luxury Collection golf resort was the first golf resort in the world, and since the Trump organisation took over in 2014, massive investment in the hotel and its golf courses give it grounds to claim to be the best in the world too. As a possible Presidential visit awaits, AvantiGas has celebrated more than a decade as the resort’s main fuel supplier.

US President Donal Trump arrives in the UK on Thursday (12 July) after the NATO summit and is planning to fly to Scotland on Friday evening to visit one of his two Scottish golf courses.

Trump Turnberry

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He will find much has changed since the Turnberry golf resort became Trump Turnberry in 2014 and began a comprehensive and sumptuously expensive refurbishment. Two things have not changed – the high expectations of their guests, and the supplier of the main fuel used in the five-star hotel and its ancillary attractions – AvantiGas.

Last year AvantiGas celebrated 10 years as the supplier of choice at the fabulously restored and extended Edwardian hotel, having captured the business under its previous guise as Shell LPG from an “unresponsive and uncompetitive” rival.

“The relationship with AvantiGas has been really good, very proactive” said John Cowan, the golf resort’s Director of Engineering and Security. “I must admit. I lost a lot of hair dealing with the previous supplier, because I was getting absolutely nowhere.”

The luxurious five-star hotel with its glittering new Donald J. Trump ballroom (the ballroom chandeliers alone cost £1.8m) has been undergoing a comprehensive make-over. “We’re talking about a £200m investment and we’re well down that road,” said John.

The restoration plan has not only seen a massive upgrade to the hotel and its 103 bedrooms but also a continuing restoration of the spa treatment centre where 17 more newly-refurbished rooms are available, a new £2m kitchen with AvantiGas-powered hobs, and an expert redesign to the historic Ailsa golf course that is exciting golfers from across the world and will no doubt be relying on AvantiGas to help produce its best cuisine for the President if he chooses Trump T for his visit.

The Ailsa course (one of three courses at the resort) has hosted the British Open four times so far, including the legendary ‘Duel in the Sun’ in 1977, when Tom Watson defeated Jack Nicklaus on the final green. It was also the venue for the first-ever Ladies’ British Open, an amateur tournament held way back in 1912.

But the redesign by renowned golf course architects Mackenzie & Ebert is said to have created a true masterpiece, including the creation of five dramatic and stunning new holes and alterations covering virtually every corner of the course.

Since the changes, Golf Monthly rated the Ailsa as the UK and Ireland’s number one golf course, Golf Inc Magazine named it Redevelopment of the Year, and staff at the resort are convinced they are dealing with the demand for what is now the world’s best golf course, complete with its dramatic views of the spectacularly craggy Ayrshire coast.

But when the day’s golfing is over, guests want to keep warm and snug, luxuriate in the spa centre, indulge in the finest cuisine, enjoy the heated swimming pool and explore the facilities, so many of which depend on the reliability and responsiveness of AvantiGas. We deliver 600 tonnes of LPG to Trump Turnberry every year to keep the resort’s principal fuel supply running smoothly.

John Cowan again: “A lot of people just want peace and quiet and tranquillity, but if they do want something it’s got to be right for them. That’s why they’ve come to a five-star establishment, for it to be right, to leave day-to-day drudgery at the front door and come and relax.

“Everyone who comes, you can see the weight comes off their shoulders the moment they walk through the doors. It’s just like ‘Phew! I’ve arrived! I’m here to relax and play golf.”

John knows that he can rely on AvantiGas drivers and engineers to deliver the service that enables his own staff to satisfy those high customer expectations, and if there is ever a technical problem or any other issue, it will be tackled swiftly and effectively, with minimum fuss.

“Your drivers are brilliant. They’re always proactive – they tell us if they find one of the compounds has been left unlocked or if they notice that we need to do a bit of weeding down there, or they tell us our tanks have been cleaned again, or they’ll ring the depot and say ‘Look, they’re running low. We need to put a delivery in here.’ And they do.“

John and his staff like the fact that they see the same drivers serving them year in, year out, while locally-based AvantiGas engineer George Rankin also gets a very honourable mention in despatches for the standard of service they receive:

“It’s ideal. And any challenges that we’ve had have been overcome – such as when we had a challenge in the kitchen with some pipework and the regulator after we introduced two huge gas-fired ovens.”

The extra demand unbalanced the system, putting a banquet for 500 people planned for next day in jeopardy. “Of course, chefs being chefs, they are hot-headed at the best of times but knowing you’ve got a 500-head banquet on and your gas goes out, it’s not a good place for them to be.

“But George was down within a couple of hours. He did some calculations and worked out that the meter wasn’t giving enough, so we had to upgrade the meter, and you guys came in and did it overnight.”

Problem solved, 500 hungry customers well dined and happy, and John valuing his continuing relationship with AvantiGas.

You could say that this kind of outcome has become par for the course…

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