AvantiGas supports fire training session with Wincanton and Greater Manchester Fire Service

AvantiGas supported a fire training session with delivery fleet operators Wincanton and Greater Manchester fire service in Ashton. Training took place on Friday 10th March and included a presentation led by Wincanton Driver Trainer Ian Bradley, assisted by Scott O'Loughlin, Wincanton National Contract Manager and John Isherwood, Wincanton Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor.

The fire training day included a Q&A session as well as a live safety training demonstration, with the fire officers being taken out to the AvantiGas LPG tanker and a Valero fuel tanker for a guided tour of the vehicles, demonstrating safety training features on the tankers which enabled the fire officers to gain a better understanding and to ask questions.

The fire training session resulted in excellent co-operation and shared learnings about how to handle an LPG tanker in an emergency, particularly in Greater Manchester where AvantiGas have several aerosol customers.

This training session was developed as an extension of emergency response training at consumer chemicals company James Briggs of Chadderton in May 2016. The training exercise was attended by Wincanton employees and the Greater Manchester Fire Officers, who expressed an interest in further training regarding the carriage of hazardous good such as LPG fuel, to tailor their emergency responses to Wincanton’s business activity.

One of the fire officers kept in contact with Ian Bradley and arranged an extended fire training session whereby AvantiGas agreed to support the delivery of training through providing our expert LPG driver knowledge and our LPG tanker vehicle.

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