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Find out more about the nature and infrastructure of LPG and how AvantiGas can help you save on your energy spend

LPG from AvantiGas is the closest off-grid alternative to natural gas. By choosing LPG from AvantiGas, you get a cleaner, more efficient system to keep you and your home warm. AvantiGas LPG is simple and hassle-free – and you can use gas for cooking too, knowing that you're burning a cleaner, greener fuel.

Benefits of LPG:

  • LPG produces lower carbon emissions than oil and solid fuels such as coal
  • LPG is easy to control and easier to manage
  • More stable prices, with fixed pricing for extended periods.
  • LPG from AvantiGas works well alongside renewable solutions, without loss of power
  • More secure – LPG is virtually impossible to steal
  • Top chefs recommend gas hobs for more controllable heat
  • A safe, dependable fuel that’s been around for decades

What is LPG?

Learn more about the nature and infrastructure of LPG and how we can help you save.

The benefits of LPG vs other fuels

Thinking about switching fuels to LPG? See how LPG compares to other solid and fossil fuels

Bulk LPG tank installation options

Explore your Bulk LPG tank intallation options available with AvantiGas LPG.

Moving into a house with LPG?

Moving into or out of a property supplied by AvantiGas Bulk LPG? We will make the process hassle free for you.

“I love my Bulk LPG gas tank. Your greatest selling point is that LPG is so cheap to install (tank etc) when there's no gas to the house.”
Mrs Lawson, Cambridgeshire

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