LPG Tank Installation Options

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3 steps to a successful LPG tank installation

1) We'll survey your site location for free at a time that suits you.
2) We'll provide you with a site proposal based on your installation preferences.
3) We'll arrange an installation date, and our in-house experts will install your tank.

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Your install options:


Underground installation

If space or aesthetics are at a premium, an underground Bulk LPG tank could be the best option, in which case our engineers will bury your tank in a convenient and safe location.


Aboveground installation

Our aboveground Bulk LPG tanks come in a range of sizes and our team of experts can help through the process, from advising you on the right size of your Bulk LPG tank to the best position for it to be placed.


Semi-mounded installation

The AvantiGas semi-mounded Bulk LPG tank option is a great solution for those spaces where an underground Bulk LPG tank isn't possible, but you still want to hide your tank from view.

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Looking to switch your Bulk LPG supplier?

Our dedicated team will manage the process from start to finish to ensure you get a smooth switch to AvantiGas, plus if you switch from another LPG supplier it's completely free of charge and there's no need to change your tank meaning no disruption to your supply.

Looking to switch your metered estate Bulk LPG supplier?

AvantiGas provide metered site LPG solutions to enable several houses to be connected to a single source of LPG storage. Each property is then installed with a meter for consumption and billing purposes and the Bulk LPG gas tank(s) are topped up automatically by AvantiGas. 

LPG Gas Bottles

If you have limited space to install an above or underground bulk LPG tank or require less LPG gas, then bottled gas may be a better option.

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