BioLPG for business

Greener, sustainable LPG alternative for your business


Lower your businesses carbon footprint without compromising your energy supply

As the UK targets net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, BioLPG certification from AvantiGas can help cut down your CO2 emissions by up to 95%. With all the same advantages as conventional LPG, switching to BioLPG can help your business become greener and more sustainable without sacrificing efficiency, performance and versatility.

What is BioLPG?

Produced from sustainably sourced raw materials such as vegetable oils, animal fat and waste, BioLPG is chemically identical to conventional fossil-based LPG, making it a compatible “drop-in” fuel for all LPG appliances and products such as boilers, heaters, cookers and processing equipment. Instead of adding to the carbon footprint by shipping and delivering BioLPG to your tank, you’ll receive a certificate, audited by an independent 3rd party that evidences how much carbon you have saved, fully traceable back to the source

Choosing business BioLPG allows your business to make a greener decision on your energy needs, and help reach the UK’s target of reducing all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

Make a greener choice for your business energy

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Make the Switch to BioLPG

Reduce your carbon emissions and energy spend

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Calculate how much you can reduce your annual CO2 emisions with BioLPG in comparison to conventional LPG – enter your annual LPG usage and select a mix of BioLPG

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How AvantiGas BioLPG certification works

The CO2 emission reductions from using our BioLPG are accredited through a certification scheme. The certificate represents the “green” aspect of the BioLPG produced rather than the physical product. Instead of shipping, storing, and transporting BioLPG you’ll receive a certificate, approved by an independent third-party, verifying the CO2 reduction to your business. Separating the bio element and the physical product, means that both can be traded independently, allowing us to pass the highest value and carbon savings onto our customers. This certificate can be fully traced back to the source and can be used for a internal CO2 reduction scheme or internal CSR policies.

""With a carbon reduction of up to 95%, BioLPG provides off-grid business a practical, efficient and economic energy choice""

Flemming Hermansen, Sales Director
A greener more sustainable energy for your business
CO2 reduction via certification
With savings of up to 95% of CO2 resulting from the manufacturing of BioLPG, we can pass these CO2 saving onto businesses via Certification. When a business upgrades to BioLPG they receive a third party audited certificate highlighting the CO2 saved.
Global CO2 perspective
AvantiGas are committed to global reduction of CO2 emissions. As CO2 is only reduced during the manufacturing stage, bio LPG is used locally where it is produced,
Sustainable manufacturing
Our BioLPG is produced from waste materials such as animal fats and feed-stock. Our BioLPG is a by-product of biodiesel production reducing waste and cutting down CO2
Make a difference today
Switching to BioLPG can help you make a difference today with our certificated CO2 savings. These certificates can range from 20-100% share of your current LPG use, the higher the share of bio LPG the more CO2 you can save for your business.
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