With green energy high on its list of priorities and a mission to educate visitors about greener fuel solutions, Low Mill approached AvantiGas to consider the alternatives.
With the reduced fuel costs we can afford to run the heating for longer during the day Terry Hailwood - Manager Low Mill Activity Centre

The Challenge

Having always had an oil boiler, Low Mill Activity Centre in Leyburn, was struggling to cope with its escalating fuel costs and the impact it was having on the Yorkshire Dales National Park surrounding it. Low Mill has capacity to accommodate 40 guests on-site at any one time and it is crucial to have a robust and high quality heat supply for when visitors return from outdoor activities. Unfortunately, the centre was not getting this from its existing oil provision.

What We Did

After undertaking a site visit and overcoming various planning issues, AvantiGas provided a full on-site fuel solution by replacing the cylinders and installing two 100kW biomass boilers. The two boilers now provide an energy efficient low cost heating solution with less frequent fuel deliveries and disruption to the site.

The Results

Terry Hailwood, manager of Low Mill Activity Centre says “We are receiving some very positive feedback from our clients who have commented that the building is warmer, with the reduced fuel costs we can afford to run the heating for longer during the day. We were also having problems when clients returned from sessions and thirty people tried to all have showers at the same time, the new installation and work by the AvantiGas plumbers has solved that issue”


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