Over a year, it will be considerable saving. I won’t say it will pay my rates but it will go a long way towards it. Home owner Mr Peter Brook

Switching to AvantiGas saved Huddersfield home owner Peter Brook more than £2,000 a year, but that wasn’t the only thing that changed for the better…


Mr Brook, of P. Brook Precision Engineers Limited, had been mistakenly placed on a commercial contract by his previous supplier, even though providing heating, cooking and hot water for the family home is the only purpose of Mr Brook’s bulk LPG supply. He should have been paying a domestic rather than a commercial tariff for his gas, and should have been able to switch suppliers more easily.


Commercial contracts run for three or five years and require three months’ notice of termination after they expire, so when Mr Brook’s supplier refused to allow him to switch immediately, AvantiGas Domestic Sales rep Anthony Bagshaw advised him to send in his termination notice. 

One reason why the installation looks so impressive is the stonework which surrounds the now unobtrusive, underground tank, was enthusiastically tackled as a DIY project by Mr Brook himself – with a little help from two of his grandsons when it came to putting seven tons of topsoil and river sand into the raised bed he’d created to conceal the tank.

It was a solution developed in consultations with AvantiGas Domestic Sales rep Anthony Bagshaw, who first alerted Mr Brook to the possibilities of an ‘underground’ tank in a raised bed. The idea offered the opportunity to turn an existing installation that didn’t comply with current health and safety guidelines and had been something of an eyesore into an attractive feature which hides the tank from view, does not encroach on the garden or driveway and meets all the latest safety recommendations.


“The installation went perfectly. The tank looks grand and everybody I’ve dealt with at AvantiGas has been really nice,” said Mr Brook, 79. “I’m chuffed to bits with this – I think it looks terrific. It’s a massive improvement. Everybody has said ‘Wow! Look at that!’”

Financially too, Mr Brook found the switch to AvantiGas LPG well worth the wait to end his previous contract. The savings are proving to be spectacular. Based on his previous consumption, Mr Brook was due to save over £2,200 in his first year on a domestic contract with AvantiGas.