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LPG is one of the most versatile fuels available - it heats homes and businesses, powers kitchens, fork-lift trucks, industrial processes and more. Whatever sector your business is in, if you're off grid, LPG is the clear choice.


AvantiGas LPG is perfect for crop drying, heating poultry sheds, greenhouses, garden centres and more. Bulk LPG storage tanks offer rural users a cleaner, greener alternative fuel source.

Catering, Hospitality and Lesiure

We understand what hotels, B&Bs, pubs and restaurants need to keep their customers cosy and well-fed. Top chefs and caterers agree that gas hobs deliver the controllable heat they need to get the best results.

Fork-lift Truck

We're experts in designing and delivering the safest, most cost-effective and flexible fork-lift truck fuel solution. That’s why we’ve created The Complete Fork-lift Solution tailored to your company’s needs.

Holiday Parks

The versatility of LPG is a huge benefit for holiday parks, where it provides a cost-effective, cleaner-burning solution for heating everything from holiday homes to swimming pools and catering operations.

Industry and Logistics

Whether you’re heating a factory, powering industrial processes or fuelling a fork-lift truck fleet, AvantiGas LPG is the clean, cost-effective solution for off-grid business.

Care Homes

Whether you're a residential home or day centre, caring for vulnerable adults or children, creating a comfortable environment is essential. With AvantiGas LPG you can depend on a reliable and cost-effective off -grid fuel supply.


LPG typically costs around half the price of petrol or diesel and our ‘back to base’ solution installs your own mini-filling station for combined convenience and cost-savings.


Whether you're a school, college, university or specialist provider, creating the right environment for your students to learn is crucial. That’s why we’ll provide a bespoke fuel solution, tailored to your needs.

Public Services

The essential nature of public services means having a dependable energy supply is critical. Our reliable LPG solutions could also help you save money and cut carbon emissions.

Local Authorities

Local Authorities are under increasing pressure to cut costs and meet environmental targets. If you have any off-grid properties, LPG offers significant emission-cutting and money-saving opportunities.

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