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Specialised Hydrocarbon Aerosol Propellant (SHAP)

AvantiGas are the market leader in the supply and production of aerosol propellant supplying some of the UK’s most famous brands in products such as deodorant, lubricants, adhesives, air fresheners, dry shampoo, car cleaners, packaging and more.

The Product

Our Specialised Hydrocarbon Aerosol Propellant (SHAP) comes directly from our plant in Mossmorran, Scotland. We blend a high grade mix of propane and butane to meet a wide range of specifications.

Our Approach

Our dedicated team of specialists will work with you on an ongoing basis to meet your production needs. We'll agree on the blend specification, distribution plan and quality assurance, adapting these as needed to suit any changing requirements. 

We have a dedicated aerosol fleet covering 4.3 million miles a year, operating around the clock, seven days a week – this enables us to offer bespoke just-in-time deliveries to meet your production schedules.

James Briggs, Chemical Manufacturer

"The service, reliability and high-quality LPG is the perfect solution for our business, and the longstanding relationship is testament to this."

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“Our success in this area is down to our close working relationship with our clients and the expertise we have developed in supply and logistic management.”
Gavin Morris, AvantiGas Aerosol Business Development Manager