A Future Framework for Heat in Buildings

AvantiGas submits response to Government Call for Evidence

AvantiGas, one of the UK’s leading Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) suppliers to off-grid businesses and homes, has submitted its response to the Government’s A Future Framework for Heat in Buildings Call for Evidence.

Seeking views on how best to phase out high-carbon fossil fuels such as oil and coal in the 2020s, AvantiGas outlined how LPG can deliver immediate carbon savings as well as providing a future-proof heating solution in line with the 2050 ambition to de-carbonize heat in buildings.

To address current barriers to switching, AvantiGas has recommended a number of actions to encourage the take-up of LPG with incentives for an oil tank scrappage scheme to help address any physical barriers to switching and to help fund installer training and awareness as well as consumer engagement.

An outright ban on oil or solid fuel heating system installations in new builds will prevent further high-carbon buildings being built and avoid retrofitting replacement systems when the carbon reduction measures come into force. EPCs currently prioritise fuel costs over carbon content or efficiency and AvantiGas has urged the Government to make use of EPCs in steering consumers, builders and installers away from high-carbon fossil fuels.

With the introduction of hybrid technologies and new fuel development, LPG provides an efficient, economical and convenient solution for off-grid properties without compromising comfort. 

Comparison of CO2 emissions and net calorific value of common heating fuel type



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