100 smiling faces as our new national HQ keeps it local

Here at AvantiGas we are a nationwide LPG supplier but we are proud of our Chesterfield roots, as we have shown by moving more than 100 employees to our new 23,000 sq. ft. open-plan, four-building complex in nearby Staveley.

Our core business supplying off-grid homes and businesses with Liquefied Petroleum Gas for heating, cooking and industrial applications, has achieved spectacular growth since AvantiGas took over the former Shell LPG business in November 2011.

As we attract new customers and work harder to keep existing customers happy, extra staff have been needed, and with staff levels rising by 12% in 2016 alone, we had completely outgrown our former head office in Markham Lane, Bolsover.

“Since the inception of AvantiGas our workforce has increased by 45%, and we have many additional growth opportunities which we want to pursue but which had been hampered by lack of space,” said Managing Director Neil Murphy.

“Enhancing customer service was also a key consideration in making this substantial investment. Continuous improvement in customer service is what we strive for. With more space to expand we can throw away a lot of the old legacy systems and invest in new customer-friendly IT systems and processes, as well as investing in more people to deliver improved service levels.”

The new headquarters in Gisborne Close has been completely refurbished and will provide space to grow new ventures as well as accommodating the continuing expansion of the company’s core LPG business.

“It’s something to be proud of, and we have moved in on-budget and ahead of schedule. The hard-working AvantiGas team has earned the right to work in a superior environment which is very 21st-century. The new head office is bigger, more modern, works more fluidly and respects people’s space,” said Neil.

Finding the right base while staying local was another important consideration: “We’re still proud to be part of Chesterfield, because this is where our roots are. In theory we could have gone to Derby or Sheffield, but we wanted to stay in Chesterfield.”