When hotelier Allan was free to choose his LPG supplier for his idyllic Welsh retreat, AvantiGas offered innovative solutions and outstanding service – as well as substantial cost savings.
…Then the area sales manager for AvantiGas came along and showed great interest in what we were trying to achieve, and I thought ‘Well, right, that’s the firm we’ve got to deal with. Allan Leck - Hotelier

The Challenge
Three years after buying and completely renovating a once run-down country inn set amidst stunning scenery near Llangollen in North Wales, Allan Leck was finally able to leave behind an uneconomic LPG contract and find a new supplier to keep his kitchen fuelled and his 15 bedrooms cosy and welcoming. But his existing two-tonne tank was in the way of a proposed extension.

What We Did
Area Sales Manager Tony Edwards advised Allan on relocating his LPG tank and switching from one two tonne vessel to two one-tonne tanks which would be less obtrusive, easier to screen and more efficient. Tony personally oversaw the building work for the re-siting and the installation, scheduling the work at a time when there would be no disruption to the daily running of the hotel.

The Results
“We had a lot of good advice about re-locating the tanks and how to install them. That in itself was invaluable. We had a substantial price reduction too and although we had the outlay of laying concrete for the new tanks, we will get back that investment from savings within six months. And if we get planning permission for our three-bedroom extension, we have made maximum use of our land. The price was acceptable, the service was incredible… Tony made it all very easy for us and I had nothing to worry about.”



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