Metered Estates

Business and Commercial Energy Solutions

A metered estate is essentially a miniature gas grid. For owners of residential or commercial developments, it’s just like being on mains gas, with a centralised, uninterrupted bulk LPG supply.

Why invest in a metered estate?

Growing demand for new housing and commercial buildings plus limited urban space means more rural developments. Mains gas is often unavailable in rural areas, and connecting to the national grid may not be viable, financially or technically.

Benefits of a LPG metered estate:

  • Reduces build costs compared to individual tanks
  • Swift installation
  • Aesthetic appeal – vessels can be located underground or screened and away from homes
  • Meets Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) energy ratings
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Convenience and versatility of mains gas 
  • Increases buyer appeal
  • Affordable, effective, flexible fuel solution

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