Manchester-based chemical manufacturer, James Briggs Ltd, has been a longstanding customer of AvantiGas since the early 1990s. The company has supplied propellant LPG for its aerosol products as well as standard LPG for its fork-lift truck provision, covering a 300,000 square foot site.
AvantiGas continues to be a reliable provider for our LPG and we have been hugely impressed with how quickly they can adapt to our needs at a moment’s notice. Terry Pelan, Purchasing Manager


James Briggs services and provides consumer chemicals for the cleaning, industrial and paint industries, from development and testing through to production and marketing. With 90 per cent of the production being aerosol products, the provision of LPG from AvantiGas is critical to the running of the business.


James Briggs currently uses two types of aerosol propellant LPG from AvantiGas and takes delivery of about 28 tonnes every week, along with three tonnes each week for the fork-lift truck fleet.

Terry Pelan, purchasing manager at James Briggs, commented: “AvantiGas supplies propellant LPG for 95 per cent of our aerosol production and LPG fuel to run our fleet of eight fork-lift trucks. We have to have a regular, consistent supply of fuel to support the continuous production of our products, as well as the day-to-day running of James Briggs’ operations.

“Five weeks ago we began a trial to exit COMAH (Control Of Major Accident Hazards) classification within the business where we had to change the supply we were receiving for the aerosol propellant. “Due to the changes, the overall storage we have for the propellant LPG has been reduced by 38 per cent and our deliveries have increased to every two days. With only a few days’ notice though, AvantiGas accommodated the change without issue.

“The more frequent deliveries have had little impact on the business thanks to excellent service from AvantiGas. They, with support from the James Briggs stock control team, continue to manage the whole process from customer service through to delivery. We have a solid relationship with our Sales Manager, Gavin Morris, who took on the changes willingly and seamlessly and ensures we are never without.


“The drivers are aware of how we work and religiously stick to our procedures so we don’t need to worry about supply. We have absolute trust in AvantiGas to support
our business’ needs.”

AvantiGas has also looked at cost-saving for James Briggs by installing tanks to store the LPG required for the fork-lift trucks, as opposed to hiring canisters which used to be more costly.

“No one offers the full service package like AvantiGas; the service, reliability and high quality LPG is the perfect solution for our business and the longstanding relationship is testament to this. We would not hesitate in recommending AvantiGas to other industries as a complete solution for their LPG needs,” Terry added.


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