Greener Gas for your home or business, without having to compromise on your energy supply.


Reduce your carbon footprint, without having to compromise on your energy supply.

At AvantiGas we’re looking towards the future and how we can help our customers make greener energy choices. We know this can be a challenge for homes and businesses off the mains gas grid, especially when looking for an energy solution which not only is affordable, but is also not a compromise on your energy supply.

Here’s where bio-propane can help

Bio-propane is renewable energy, as it’s a by-product of biodiesel production, created exclusively from residues of sustainable raw materials. Not only is it practical, efficient and affordable; it’s a flexible evolution from conventional LPG as it offers a carbon reduction of up to 95%. Brilliant! 

What’s more, you don’t have to make any changes to your existing installation, heating or process equipment. 

Here’s how it works

Instead of adding to the carbon footprint by shipping and delivering bio-propane to your tank, you’ll receive a certificate, approved by an independent third party, evidencing how much carbon you’ve saved. And it’s fully traceable back to its source!

Your energy could be a mix of bio-propane with conventional LPG, or 100% bio-propane depending on your energy requirements and annual volume.

“With a carbon reduction of up to 95%, bio-propane provides off-grid homes and businesses a practical, efficient and economic energy choice.”
Gavin Morris, Head of Commercial Sales