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Keep up to date with all the latest news from AvantiGas


Keep up to date with all the latest news from AvantiGas

LPG from AvantiGas provides a reliable and cleaner burning fuel for your home. It is an ideal solution if you live outside mains gas areas, as it provides the same benefits.

Celebration of Wincanton & AvantiGas partnership

30 Jul 2012

Wincanton announces 5 year extension of AvantiGas contract

Leading supply chain specialist Wincanton is celebrating a decade-long partnership with one of theUK’s major LPG suppliers by announcing a £30 million, five-year contract extension.

Since 2002 Wincanton, theUK’s leading provider of supply chain solutions, has provided delivery services to AvantiGas and now delivers liquid petroleum gas (LPG) in a 40-vehicle fleet to the company’s domestic and commercial customers across theUK.

“The reason why we’ve chosen to retain and build upon our partnership with Wincanton this past decade is simple,” said Richard Buggins, Operations Manager at AvantiGas.

“This extension is testament to what we have already achieved together in health and safety – value generation and cost effective growth. These achievements are only possible through teamwork, determination and professional excellence at all levels of both organisations.” 

He added: “We are looking to drive the business forward and to strengthening this partnership over the coming years.”

Operating from seven sites across theUK, the fleet of 40 vehicles work round the clock, with driver numbers ranging from 56 during peak winter months down to between 30 and 40 during the summer.

Chris Kingshott, managing director manufacturing, at Wincanton, said that the redeployment of assets and drivers to other Wincanton contracts with complementary seasonal demands ensured that AvantiGas’s investment would be “fully optimised”.

“We’re truly delighted to be extending this long-term partnership,” he said, adding: “A contract win like this is evidence of our industry-leading credentials in the sector, including an outstanding health and safety record in what is a potentially dangerous industry, and our proven ability to deliver operational efficiencies in a very challenging economic environment.”


 *original source visit http://www.wincanton.co.uk/newsroom/press-releases/wincanton-announces-five-year-extension-of-%C2%A330m-avantigas-contract/