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Moving into a property?

AvantiGas will take care of everything and make the process as smooth as possible
Moving into a property?

Moving into a property or changing owner or tenancy?

If you are moving into a property supplied by AvantiGas, there’s no need to worry. We will make the process hassle free for you. To enable AvantiGas to open an LPG account for you simply complete the form below. 

If the property is supplied by a meter, we would require an opening meter reading. Please ensure you have access to your meter readings before you submit the below form.

If you have an independent bulk tank on your property, your gauge can be located under the hood of the tank lid if you have an underground tank, or on the tank for an above ground tank. A dial reading from 0 - 90 reads the % contents of the tank. AvantiGas would recommend that an order is placed, once the tank is reaching 25% capacity, to allow adequate time to make a LPG delivery to your home.

In order to successfully complete the form you must complete all the questions marked with an asterisk * below. If you wish to discuss any details of your account with us please contact our free phone number 0808 208 00 00. Alternatively please request a call back to here.


Are you moving out of a property?

If you are moving out of a property click here to complete a short form.


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Complete the short form below and we will contact you shortly.

Moving into a property supplied by AvantiGas?