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What are my bulk LPG storage tank options?

Bulk LPG is our most popular energy option for our off-grid customers. Whether you use LPG for cooking, cleaning or heating, rest assured, you’re our number one priority.

Quick and simple to install, bulk tanks have fast become the most economical way to enjoy all the advantages of bulk gas from LPG tanks. Most households and businesses would find that an above ground LPG tank is suitable, however it is not always the most desired option if you wish to keep your garden or land looking picturesque.

With AvantiGas, our innovative technology, expert representatives and engineers can help you every step of the way from advising you on the size of your tank to the best position for your tank dependent on your requirements.

AvantiGas installs bulk tanks in compliance with all your local Health & Safety regulations. We ensure all LPG tanks are the optimum distance from your house and its boundaries; positioned for best protection from accidental damage; easy access for our LPG refilling vehicles.

Above ground tank  

This is the visible bulk tank that sits on a concrete base in a carefully selected area of your garden or land. There is less preparation work needed with this option compared to the underground tank. The concrete base the tank sits on needs to be flat and level with the ground and in accordance with current legislation.  Once the preparation work has been carried out correctly, the pipe work and tank can be easily installed by AvantiGas and once this is done you are ready to take supplies of LPG. 

Underground tank option

If space is at a premium, or you’d prefer not to have a tank above ground to keep your garden or land looking picturesque, you can opt for an underground LPG tank. Our engineers will bury your tank in a convenient  and safe location, so all you see is a small green inspection hatch. You’ll still benefit from our remote monitoring and automatic top-up: for gas that’s truly out of sight, out of mind. The AvantiGas representative will also agree the most practical and shortest route for your underground pipework that will need to go from the end of the base to the premises.

Maintenance and aftercare

Post-installation, you’ll be allocated a comprehensive maintenance and support plan. You’ll also be assigned a dedicated Account Manager, who will ensure that you enjoy reliable, hassle-free heating over the lifetime of the installation.

Sustainable heating fund

Our flexible finance package is tailored to your needs and will fund your conversion, including:

Project design
Operation and maintenance
Optimisation and fuel supply.

All costs are built into the project over an agreed period – typically 20 years. With a funding pot available, AvantiGas can support projects of varying sizes, simply contact us on the form below for more information.

If you already have an LPG tank from another supplier, we’ll get in touch with them. Sit back and relax, we will take care of everything for you. Click here for more information.

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