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LPG pipework safety check

Take the UKPLG underground pipework safety check to help you identify any problems that you may have with your LPG underground pipework
LPG pipework safety check

LPG Pipework safety check | AvantiGas | LPG Supplier

Customer safety is paramount at AvantiGas and it’s important to make sure that any underground metallic pipework connecting your LPG tank to your home or property is safe. 

Pipework made from polyethylene (plastic) does not corrode, so this check is only for installations still using metallic pipework.

Old metallic pipework can corrode leading to leakage. This could prove dangerous if it causes a build-up of gas in your home. Homeowners, landlords or tenants of properties using LPG need to check whether their installation includes any metallic underground pipework.

To find out what you need to do to make sure your underground pipework is safe, please click on the link to the LPG Underground Pipework Safety Check .


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