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Versatile, clean energy solutions tailored for your business

For Business

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For local authorities heating installations in their rural areas can be a very challenging, whether they be dealing with hard to treat buildings, those in fuel poverty or addressing carbon emissions of their building stocks.

AvantiGas envisages that converting fuel poor households, or difficult to treat building stock, with old heating boilers to smart and efficient LPG systems would readily deliver cost and environmental benefits. LPG offers a like for like replacement of oil and protects consumers against the price volatility of the oil market while delivering carbon reductions.

AvantiGas can provide heat networks connecting off gas grid anchor loads (schools, leisure centres, hotels etc) to local properties can be commercially viable and deliver significant savings to consumers and the local economy based on efficiencies. Social housing has also strong potential for heat network deployment.

AvantiGas is looking to commercialise efficient heating systems that incorporate smart technologies so as to maximise the cost effectiveness of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and other low carbon fuels for off-gas grid  consumers. Off grid public buildings and households can benefit from reduced carbon emissions when replacing their oil boilers with new LPG boilers with heating controls.

Follow our 3 simple steps and start saving today.

Review your energy supplier

Our solutions are tailored to meet your exact requirements, and come with specialist advice and support from our team of technical experts.

Whichever system is right for your business, you can rely on us to deliver a flexible heat solution that’ll help you save energy and money, without compromising on service. If you’re currently using oil, we’ll make your move to LPG easy and seamless, so you can focus on keeping your guests happy and your business running smoothly. If you’re currently using LPG from another supplier, by switching to us you can save up to 15% on your annual fuel bill.

Review your energy source

If you’re an oil user, you can benefit from a switch to LPG or renewable energy. LPG is an ideal fuel for many business applications, and is especially suited for businesses like yours. We ensure our customers always feel connected to a great, reliable source of energy.

Make your business more energy efficient with our help

You’ll receive a full fuel consultation from us to find the most efficient solution.



What are the benefits of LPG?

LPG is very versatile and can be used to operate many of your application
LPG is easy to control and monitor, ensuring that you are using the gas supply you need.

LPG for Heating

Reliable fuel source
Up to 20% cheaper than oil
Low investment costs and quick payback on equipment
Forecasting tool for reliable service
Up to 40% fewer emissions than oil.

LPG for Cooking

If you’re serious about your food, you’ll want to be able to cook on a controllable gas flame. LPG gives you all the flexibility in the kitchen that mains gas does
Clean burning and environmentally feindly fuel.

What are the benefits of biomass? 

We deliver our Biomass solutions from our AvantiRenewables product line.

Because of the high-energy content, switching to biomass can save you up to 20% on heating costs
Prices for biomass fuel are typically more stable than traditional fuels
Biomass is carbon neutral
Due to the efficiency of biomass boilers, they only produce 1 - 2% of ash.

Sustainable Heating Fund

Our flexible finance package is tailored to your needs and will fund your conversion, including:

Project design
Operation and maintenance
Optimisation and fuel supply.

All costs are built into the project over an agreed period – typically 20 years. With a funding pot available, AvantiGas can support projects of varying sizes, simply contact us on the form below for more information.

Maintenance and aftercare

Post-installation, you’ll be allocated a comprehensive maintenance and support plan. You’ll also be assigned a dedicated Account Manager, who will ensure that you enjoy reliable, hassle-free heating over the lifetime of the installation.


What our customers say...

"Then the area sales manager for AvantiGas came along and showed great interest in what we were trying to achieve, and I thought ‘Well, right, that’s the firm we’ve got to deal with." The Mulberry Inn Country Hotel

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