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AvantiGas LPG for Leisure

Specifically for the leisure industry
AvantiGas LPG for Leisure

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LPG is the ideal energy solution for businesses in the leisure industry as it is a very versatile fuel and therefore can be used for a variety of applications including heating, hot water, air conditioning, cooking, swimming pools and more. This means you only have to invest in 1 fuel for all your energy needs, unlike oil or solid fuels.

That is why we have designed a specific package to meet the needs of the leisure industry inlcuding but not limited to sports, fitness, cinemas and even theme parks. AvantiGas already serve a large number of businesses in these sectors across the UK and therefore know what's important to you and your customers. Plus, if there's anything extra we can do that would be beneficial to your business, let us know and we'll do our best to accomodate your needs.


What are the benefits of LPG?

LPG is very versatile and can be used to operate many of your application
LPG is easy to control and monitor, ensuring that you are using the gas supply you need
Reliable and prompt deliveries direct from a national supplier
Automated delivery methods designed to ensure an uninterrupted supply
Above and below ground tank options to protect your view
Secure tank installation keeping you and your customers safe
The highest safety standards with 24 hour emergency support

What are the benefits of biomass? 

We deliver our Biomass solutions from our AvantiRenewables product line.

Because of the high-energy content, switching to biomass can save you up to 20% on heating costs
Prices for biomass fuel are typically more stable than traditional fuels
Biomass is carbon neutral
Due to the efficiency of biomass boilers, they only produce 1 - 2% of ash.

Sustainable Heating Fund

Our flexible finance package is tailored to your needs and will fund your conversion, including:

Project design
Operation and maintenance
Optimisation and fuel supply

All costs are built into the project over an agreed period – typically 20 years. With a funding pot available, AvantiGas can support projects of varying sizes, simply contact us on the form below for more information.

Maintenance and aftercare

Post-installation, you’ll be allocated a comprehensive maintenance and support plan. You’ll also be assigned a dedicated Account Manager, who will ensure that you enjoy reliable, hassle-free heating over the lifetime of the installation.


What our customers say...

Hazelwood Holiday Park- Luxury Lodges & Chalets

“AvantiGas Understands out needs better than we do, which is one of the reasons we have been with them for almost 20 years." Click the image to read more.


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