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AvantiGas - LPG Solutions for Home, Business and the Road

At AvantiGas we are passionate about energy and our customers. We provide LPG for homes and businesses throughout the UK and pride ourselves in providing a cleaner burning fuel. Through our expertise and advanced technology we at AvantiGas continually strive to deliver better, safer and more reliable ways to meet your energy needs.

Our bulk tanks provide Liquefied Petroleum Gas (propane gas, butane gas and mixes of the two). Liquefied Petroleum Gas can be produced from both oil and gas and is a very versatile form of energy that is used for a wide array of applications for business purposes and around the home. Just some of the uses of Liquid Petroleum Gas include cooking, heating and outdoor applications such as BBQ’s and swimming pools. LPG can also be used in Aerosols, for crop drying, emergency generators, air conditioning, to fuel FLT’s, as an alternative fuel for vehicle fleets and much more.



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News & Events
New Scottish energy minister addresses UKLPG conference in first keynote speech

Newly-appointed Scottish Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse told the LPG industry that the Scottish Government believed the low carbon fuel would play an important role in Scotland’s future energy mix at the trade association’s annual conference, sponsored by AvantiGas in Edinburgh.

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AvantiGas Limited Acquires 100% Share of Lister Gases Limited

AvantiGas are pleased to announce the conclusion of a deal through which it has acquired 100% share ownership of Lister Gases Limited, one of the largest privately owned independent propane distributor in the UK.

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Get your FREE Energy Efficiency guide

With the harshest winter for over a decade on its way , the AvantiGas ‘Warmth Warriors’ are armed with newly-launched Energy Efficiency Guides offering advice and top tips for being smart about energy usage, whilst still keeping warm this winter.

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AvantiGas supports excellence in the thriving hospitality industry

National supplier of off-grid heat solutions, AvantiGas, has cemented its commitment to supporting the UK hospitality industry at this year’s prestigious AA hospitality Awards.

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