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For Business

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Now you can enjoy all the benefits of being an AvantiGas customer, in a range of LPG Gas bottles and cylinders. We’re experts when it comes to propane butane LPG, so we’ll bring you the best of both worlds – the reliability and experience of a national provider and the friendly, personal service of a local company.

We provide LPG gas bottles and cylinders to a wide range of sectors including LPG gas bottles and cylinders for caravan parks, hotels, warehouses, fork-lift trucks, agricultural businesses and more.

We’re the new, competitive choice in the gas bottle and cylinder LPG market, and everything we do is designed around you. We also know that there isn’t a lot of choice when it comes to purchasing LPG gas bottle and companies and understand how important it is to never run out of LPG.

Our service is tailored around your business gas bottle needs and we’ll always go above and beyond to provide you with a competitive option that focuses on you, the customer.

 Why choose AvantiGas for bottled gas?

• Trusted LPG supplier

• Local knowledge – we’re investing in your area

• Direct approach, no middleman

• Fully managed, hassle-free supplies, tailored to suit your budget

• Convenient delivery service

Our bottle range is 6kg, 11kg, 11kg (FLT), 18kg, (FLT) 19kg and 47kg. 

AvantiGas Gas Bottle Range

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