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For Business

Versatile, clean energy solutions tailored for your business

For Business

Versatile, energy solutions for your business

We’re keeping businesses in your sector fully operating with satisfied customers – and we can do the same for you!

AvantiGas is part of the UGI Corporation, renowned for excellence in the production of fuels as well as global distribution, we are one of the leading suppliers of propane LPG, using global expertise to offer our customers professional and local energy solutions.

We understand that your business requires a reliable LPG energy supplier in order to operate the many applications that keeps your business operating and the customers you serve happy. We pride ourselves in providing a cleaner-burning fuel*, and through our expertise and advanced technology, continually strive to deliver better, safer and more reliable ways to meet your LPG energy needs. Safety is of paramount importance in all our operations. AvantiGas installs tanks and supplies its products in full compliance with local health & safety regulations.

*Compared to most other conventional fossil fuels.

We always aim to offer businesses like yours the best possible energy solution which is why we have introduced the FREE* Sustainable Heating Fund that enables your business to process any installations and keep capital costs low as well as a FREE* Heat Consultations if you are not already using LPG.

Eligibility applies*



Bulk LPG

Rest assured, you’re our number one priority, and our extensive team of local drivers and expert engineers are on hand whenever you need them. Whether it’s online via your AvantiGas account or over the phone, we’re always here to help you manage your bulk delivery – 24/7. You can even have the option to top up automatically when your tank’s running low, for added peace of mind. 

Click here to learn more about your bulk tank options.

Click here to request more information and a free quote.

LPG Gas Bottles

LPG gas bottles are for customers who have a lower LPG gas usage that doesnt require for a LPG gas tank to be installed. Our bottle range is 6kg, 11kg, 11kg (FLT), 18kg, (FLT) 19kg and 47kg. 

Click here to learn more about our LPG Gas Bottle services in your community.

Liquified Natural Gas

LNG is best-suited to consistent demand, so heavy industrial energy users who require fuel for process work year-round are particularly suitable for an LNG installation, as well as those who require traditional space or water heating. Click http://www.avantigas.com/Liquefiednaturalgas/ to learn more.

Natural Gas

We go all-out to change B2B natural gas supplies for the better. We believe energy should be seamless, painless and altogether effortless, and we’ll go to great lengths to make sure it stays that way. We promise to be competitive, so put us to the test.

Click here to get a quote and see how we can help your business.

Renewable Biomass Energy Solutions

AvantiRenewables serves diverse business sectors all across the UK drawing on global expertise. We pride ourselves on delivering professional operations using experienced technical and logistics expertise with high safety standards coupled with the latest Biomass technology from the biggest names in the industry.

"Much of the office and showroom space required a new “wet system” in order to replace the expensive, inefficient electric heating. The installation team was on site for approximately four weeks but with no adverse impact on the heating and hot water supply during this time".

Click here to learn more about a biomass energy solution for your business.