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Autogas for Fleets

The smarter fuel solution for your fleet

Autogas for Fleets

Auto-gas LPG | Business LPG | Commercial LPG

Companies that run a fleet of vehicles can save money with a 'back to base' solution from AvantiGas. A 'back to base' solution is ideal for companies with a fleet of 10 vehicles or more which return regularly to the same depot.
This solution is easy to install and gives you your own mini filling station for LPG. To find out more about this service and how AvantiGas can help you, contact your account manager on 0808 208 0000.

In the UK there are around 160,000 UK motorists currently enjoying the environmental benefits and cost savings associated with running a vehicle on LPG.

Cleaner and Greener

Although vehicles are much more efficient than in the past, they remain one of the most significant factors in air pollution. Vehicles running on LPG produce far fewer of the harmful emissions associated with traditional road fuels that can contribute to environmental and health problems.

Fuel Price

The forecourt price of LPG is typically around half that of petrol and diesel so drivers and fleet operators can significantly reduce their running costs by switching to LPG. In February 2010, the average forecourt price of LPG was 70.4 ppl, Petrol was 122.5 ppl and Diesel was 126.6 ppl (Source: PetrolPrices.com 17/12/2010).

London Congestion Charge

The London Congestion Charge is currently charged at £10 if you pay by midnight on the day of travel, £12 if you pay by midnight the following charging day or £9 if you pay by auto pay. The operating Hours for the charge are between 7:00am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays. 

There is now a new Greener Vehicle Discount that was introduced on the 4th January 2011 as part of the revised congestion charge scheme which offers 100% discount to cars that emit 100g/km of CO2 or less and meet the Euro 5 standard for air quality.

For a vehicle that is entering the zone every day there could be an annual cost of between £2340 and £3120. For a fleet of 10 vehicles this could cost up to £31,200 a year.

By converting your vehicles to LPG you could be eligible for a full 100% congestion charge discount. A ‘Back to Base’ solution from AvantiGas would also give you your own mini filling station so that all your vehicles had a central location to refuel.

Company Car Tax and Vehicle Excise Duty

CO2 emissions in LPG are lower than equivalent petrol cars thus costing less in company car tax. On top of that, the Government allows a further 1-2% discount on this tax when the vehicle is registered as bi fuel.

LPG vehicles may also be eligible for lower rates of Graduated Vehicle Excise Duty as they produce less of the environmentally harmful emissions associated with traditional fuels. For vehicles that emit up to 100g/km and that were registered after 1st March 2001, vehicle excise duty (road tax) is completely free (fixed until 31st March 2012). The amount of road tax that is now payable will depend on the type of vehicle plus the fuel type; therefore by combining a low emissions vehicle with LPG you could save more.

Vehicle Excise Duty is now based on 13 CO2 bands rather than the previous 7 bands. Band ‘A’ refers to the most environmentally friendly vehicles which emit up to 100g/km, Band ‘B’ refers to vehicles with a CO2 emission of 101-110g/km costing on average £20 a year in road tax and so on up to band ‘M’ which refers to heavy duty vehicles with high emissions costing an average of £460 a year in road tax.

To find out the car tax for a specific model or to view models by car tax band please visit www.nextgreencar.com/roadtax.php - opens in new window.


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